Defend Democracy

A Handbook to the Constitutional Protest
of the
2004 Presidential Election


1 - Defend Democracy: Washington Post, January 5, 2005
2- From Kiev to Columbus: Why We Doubt Bush’s Claim of Victory
3- How to Run a Constitutional Challenge
4- Ten Reasons Why the Bush Vote Does not Compute
5- How to Count Votes
6- How to Prove Electoral Fraud
7- Those Crazy Exit Polls
8 - The Electronic Voting Scandal
9 - The Coming Constitutional Insurrection
10- Thirty Things We’ve Done for You Lately
11- Martin Luther King Poster

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“Yes, we’re Democrats -- but with this work we haven’t got our blue hats on.
We’ve got our red-white-and-blue hats on here, our Pledge of Allegiance hats,
our 7th Inning Stretch hats.

We just want people’s votes to be counted right, and we think that
patriotic Democrats, Republicans and Independents can agree on that Constitutional principle.”

Reverend William Moss of Columbus, Ohio
speaking at the National Press Club,
Washington DC; January 5, 2005

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