The Real
Florida Recount:

Al Gore's Margin of Victory in Florida

updated 11:42 am. EST, 01-22-01

We all knew that Al Gore won the Florida vote.

George Bush knew it; that's why he fought so hard to make sure that all the votes were not counted, so that we would never know it.

We all knew that there would be unofficial vote counts after the Supreme Court decision which would show the truth; and now they're coming in, from a very critical bi-partisan group that is carefully counting all the votes using a set of uniform standards.

There are a number of counties yet to complete, yet the trend is what we all knew it would be.

Al Gore got more votes in Florida. Right now, he's 611 votes ahead. And climbing.

  • -537: 11/27/00 Certified by Katherine Harris
  • -154: 12/8/00 Florida Supreme Court ruling (+383)
  • - 24: 12/18/00 Lake County manual recount (+130)
  • +140: 12/19/00 Broward manual recount (+164)
  • +144: 12/29/00 Hernando manual recount (+4)
  • +264: 12/30/00 Hillsborough manual recount (+120)
  • +304: 1-03-01 Gadsden manual recount (+40)
  • +611: 1-06-01 Miam-Dade (+307)
  • So what, you say? So, for the first time in our history, we know, and the whole world knows, and the President-elect himself knows, that the wrong man is scheduled to sit in the White House.

    Think about that when he sits down to talk with Chairman Yasser Arafat. With Prime Minister Tony Blair. With Vladimir Putin. With a hundred other leaders, many of whom have more legitimate right to their positions than the so-called President of the United States.

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